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The Association is dedicated to preserving the honor and memory of the  crew of the USS Gambier Bay and her air group, VC-10.  The Association works to honor and keep alive the memory of the crew members who helped fight an epic battle against hopeless odds. They never gave up,  many of them gave their lives in the process, and they all helped write one of the  US Navy’s most amazing stories of heroism.

The Association is comprised of survivors, wives, family members, and friends. With yearly reunions, we help to keep the memory alive and honor those who died on that gray morning of October 25, 1944.  The Association has held reunions all over the United States (California, Nebraska, Virginia, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, Washington, DC, and Texas) and in 1977, survivors and their families returned to the Philippines for a most memorable reunion.

As the years go by and more of the men who served on the Gambier Bay and in VC-10 pass away, the organization is being joined by an increasing number of their children, grandchildren, and others who wish to continue to honor their memory.

Check out our growing website and friend us on FACEBOOK.  Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Paula Grond, President of the USS Gambier Bay/VC-10 Association at


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Taffy III - Final Copy

USS Gambier Bay / Taffy III Reunion
San Diego, California
October 22-26, 2014

James Hornfischer will be our guest speaker at our
Memorial Luncheon on Saturday

Make your hotel reservations now by either calling Holiday Inn Bayside
at (800) 662-8899 or (619) 224-3621 extension 701.
The group code is TAF and the group rates are valid for booking through
October 1, 2014.  The group rate of $115 plus tax is
available 3 days pre and post event based on room availability.
If you intend to come do not delay making a reservation.

Any questions call Marlene Hughes (520) 326-0747.

Reunion Photo

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Our header page is our Freedom’s Cost lighograph by R. C. Moore.
Mr. Moore is a dedicated supporter of the Association and
has graciously allowed us to use the
Freedom’s Cost as our webpage header.

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The USS Gambier Bay/VC-10 Association would like to thank and recognize our archiver/researcher, Mike Pyzdrowski (son of Henry {PYZ} Pyzdrowski),
for his dedication and commitment in continuing to honor and keep alive the memory of the Men of the USS Gambier Bay/VC-10.
Henry Pyzdrowski crossed the bar in 2011.


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 The USS Gambier Bay/VC-10 Association would like to thank and recognize
our web designer, Nicholas Grond (grandson of Paul LaRocco),
for donating his services to design and develop the
USS Gambier Bay/VC-10 Association website.
Paul LaRocco crossed the bar in 1991.