Reunion Photos

2016 USS Gambier Bay/VC-10 and USS Kitkun Bay Joint Reunion
New Orleans, LA

Seated L to R:  Carl Amundson, Norm St. Germain, and George Feliz – USS Gambier Bay /
Jack Bacastow, Don Wilson, Ron Vaughn and Bob Herfurth – USS Kitkun Bay


  2015  USS Gambier Bay/VC-10 / USS Kitkun Bay Joint Reunion Norfolk, VA

Top Left to Right (Standing) Alfred White (Kitkun Bay), Carl Admundson (Gambier Bay),
Dean Moel (Gambier Bay), Norm St. Germain (Gambier Bay)

Left to Right (Seated) Ron Vaughn (Kitkun Bay), Jack Bacastow (Kitkun Bay), Donald Wilson (Kitkun Bay), George Feliz (Gambier Bay), Glen Burnham (Kitkun Bay), Bob Herfuth (Kitkun Bay)


2014 Taffy III Reunion / San Diego, California

Survivors - After Luncheon - Mug Shots


2013 Reunion / Tucson, Arizona

2013 Survivors - Final

 Left to Right:  Fred Grabos, George Feliz, Carl Amundson, Dean Moel, Clete Ring, Norm St. Germain, Thomas Rane


2012 Reunion / Brookfield, Wisconsin

2012 Reunion - Brookfield

Top Left:  George Feliz, Norm St. Germain, Dean Moel, Ed Hagerty  Bottom Left:  George Legath, Aaron Shilesman, Carl Amundson, Clete Ring, Fred Grabos


2011 Reunion / Omaha, Nebraska


Top Left:  Carl Amundson, Dean Moel, George Feliz Bottom Left:  Lou Vilmer, Fred Grabos, Don Heric, Charlie Heinl


2010 Reunion / St. Louis, Missouri DSC00092

Top Left:  Norm Loats, Mike Towstik, Carl Amundson, Roy Cowan,  Bud Petitt Bottom Left:  George Feliz, Don Heric, Lou Vilmer, Fred Grabos,  Charlie Heinl, Jack Turner


2009 Reunion / Tempe, Arizona


Top Left:  Lou Vilmer, Don Heric, George Feliz, Norm Loats, Bud Pettit Bottom Left:  Fred Grabos, Charlie Heinl, Mike Towstik, Carl Amundson,  Jack Turner


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