Other Memorial Displays

  • Hyde Park – Original of Freedom’s Cost painting and ship model

  • USS Yorktown (Charleston, NC) – Norman Loats shirt, diorama, and Huxtable exhibit

  • USS George Washington – Lithograph of Freedom’s Cost

  • Pennsacola, FL – Ship model

  • Astoria, OR – Ship model and Freedom’s Cost lithograph

  • Boston (museum unknown) – Freedom’s Cost lithograph

  • Great Lakes Training Station (Chicago, IL) – Freedom’s Cost lithograph

  • USS Hornet (Alameda, CA) – Ship model

  • USS Nimitz – Freedom’s Cost lithograph

  • MacArthur Museum (Norfalk, VA) – info pending

  • Pacific War Musem (Frederickburg, TX) – Freedom’s Cost lithograph/oral histories

  • Pacific War Museum (Honolulu, HI) – Oral history by Norman Loats

* * * * *

If you know of items and locations of any memorabilia relating to the
USS Gambier Bay/VC-10, please contact either
Marlene Hughes at mahome@cox.net or
Paula Grond at pk_grond@yahoo.com with the information