USS Gambier Bay

The USS Gambier Bay was originally classified AVG-73, was reclassified ACV-73 on August 20, 1942, and again reclassified CVE-73 on July 15, 1943; launched under a Maritime Commission Contract by the Kaiser Shipbuilding Company, in Vancouver, Washington, November 22, 1943; and sponsored by Mrs. H. C. Zitzewitz of Oswego,  Oregon.  The ship was commissioned at Astoria, Oregon,  December 22, 1943 with Captain Hugh H. Goodwin in command.


Captain Hugh H. Goodwin, USN – Commanding Officer
Assumed Command (Plank Owner) at Ship’s Christening in Astoria, Oregon
December 23, 1943 through August 1944

Captain Goodwin


* * * * *


Captain Walter V.F. (Bowser) Vieweg, USN – Commanding Officer
Received Command on August 25, 1944
Espiritus Santo, New Hebridies

Captain Vieweg


* * * * *


The USS Gambier Bay was named after the
Gambier Bay in the Admiralty Islands chain on the Alaska Panhandle.
Twenty-four bays in Southeast Alaska provided names
for World War II aircraft carriers.

Gambier Bay - Alaska